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Similar to DEAVA in the first Aquarion series, Neo-DEAVA - or The Holy Angel Academy - is an organization that finds and trains Element Users, simply called Elements.

Unlike the original DEAVA, the school is divded into two different parts: an all-boys side and an all-girls side. Each is kept strictly apart, with each gender rarely even seeing the opposite sex. This split is embodied by a wall that bisects the academy, named "Berlin". Elements are also not trained to pilot the Aquarion from the previous series. Elements studying in Neo-DEAVA are taught how to pilot the Aquarias. Girls are taught to pilot Aquaria Type-F, and the boys pilot Aquaria Type-M, both armed with semi-automatic rifles and missile launchers.

After Amata Sora breaks the seal of the Guize Stones that prevents the union between the sexes, both male and female students begin having unions with the opposite sex, allowing them to pilot Aquarion EVOL, Gepard, and Spada.

Change to Co-Ed[]


The Broken Berlin Wall

Soon after the series begins, the Berlin is destroyed by the Mugen Attack, similar to the Mugen Punch from the first season. After the Berlin is breached, Zen Fudo allows the intermingling of sexes but declares that love is forbidden.



Elements (Primary Pilots):[]

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  • While the Berlin appears to be a direct reference to the Berlin Wall found in Germany, the parallel is never directly referenced in-universe. Because of this, it has been speculated that, as EVOL takes place 12,000 or more years past WWII, the term 'The Berlin Wall' has been distilled to the idea of 'Berlin' as a general name for something dividing two groups.