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Kanji 音楽翅・音翅(オトハ)
Romanji Ongakushi Otoha
Alias Musical Angel
Gender Female
Eyes Blue, Yellow, Violet, Green
Hair Grey
Unusual Features Four eyes, wings attached to her arms, serpentine tail instead of legs
Personal Status
Race Shadow Angel
Age 12,000+ years
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Shadow Angels
Partner Toma
Base of Operations Atlandia
First Appearance
Anime Debut Memories of Heavenly Wings
Japanese Voice Mako Hyoudou
English Voice Monica Rial

Toma's faithful servant, she loves him deeply and dispises Apollonius and Celiane, not only because they destroyed Atlandia 12,000 years ago, but also because their love broke Toma's heart.


Otoha wears a long, purple dress with a dark purple cloth on her head. Normally, two of her eyes are always covered. Her wings are attached to her arms, and she is able to play music with them.


Otoha is extremely loyal to Toma, and she hates Apollonius because he broke Toma's heart and caused him great dispair. She seems to hate Celiane even more so, because she ate the Fruit of Knowledge and is the human that took Apollonius away from Toma.


Otoha has the same abilities as the Shadow Angels do. She is also able to make a barrier with her feathers.


She is deeply in love with him and is very faithful. She follows his every command.


She hates and is both jealous of him because Toma is in love with him.


She despises Celiane for taking Apollonius from Toma, which broke his heart. She looks down on her because she is a "Wingless One", or human.


She seems to hate Silvia even more than Celiane, probably because she has Shadow Angel blood flowing in her (evidently so, as she has a wing).