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A star soccer player, Pierre is a hyperactive Element User, with more than the double of serotonin levels than any other User.


Pierre has long, brown hair that goes almost to his shoulders, which he always keeps up in a sort of messy bun-esque hairstyle. He wears a cyan with black stripes jersey with a long-sleeved black shirt underneath it. He also wears white shorts with black and teal stripes, black socks that go up his calves, and gray shoes with white stripes.


Always trying to flirt with DEAVA's female residents, Pierre hides the pain of his lost love, Esperanza, whom he abandons in order to join the fight against the Shadow Angels. His "Fire Kick" attack is a perfect combination of his passion for soccer and his burning spirit. Despite his teasing and flirtatiousness, Pierre is among the most clear-sighted Element Users, able to see attractions and fears in more conflicted individuals, such as Silvia and Apollo.


Not much is known about Pierre's background, however, he grew up in San Jose. In Episode 15, Aquarion's First Love, it is shown that he has had many girlfriends in the past because he needed someone to be there to support him. One day when he was at a soccer game, Harvest Beasts came and took everyone in the stadium, except for him, away. It is unknown when, but it is assumed that sometime afterwards he joined DEAVA.


Pierre has the ability to create fire that stems from his feet. When piloting Aquarion, he can make a flaming kick.


Esperanza is Pierre's former love. Not much is known about their relationship, but it can be assumed that they were good friends.

Chloe Klick[]

Chloe is Pierre's current love interest, who he flirts with all the time.


  • Many people have said that he reincarnated as Andy from Aquarion EVOL.
  • Pierre has a locket that he wears with Esperanza's picture inside. He also has a framed photo of her smiling.
  • Pierre got addicted to Merging in Episode 15