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Pollon was a Shadow Angel born in Atlandia 12,000 years before the Holy Genesis Era. Despite his animal appearance, Pollon was intelligent and telepathic like all of his kind. Aside from his close companionship with Apollonius and Celiane and subsequent reincarnation as Apollo, Amata Sora and Kagura Demuri, nothing is known of his background or personality.


He was a close companion to Apollonius, and his devotion was so intense that he stayed by Apollonius' side even when the latter defected to the Alician Empire. His interactions with humans lead him to understand that they were thinking and feeling beings just like his own kind, and he went so far as to develop a crush on the human princess Celiane. As Celiane's heart already belonged to Apollonius', he wished that he could meet her again in the next life.

He would be reincarnated as Apollo, and later as Amata Sora and Kagura Demuri, who both embodied different aspects of his personality. Kagura, in particular, developed the ability to transform into a lupine creature vaguely reminiscent of Pollon's canine appearance.


  • Kawamori intended to reveal that Apollo was the reincarnation of Pollon in Genesis of Aquarion only for this detail to be dropped at the last minute. In "Final Battle!! Atlantis" it was explicitly stated by Toma that Apollonius was reborn as the Aquarion itself and not as Apollo while the boy's relation to Pollon was only hinted at, which created a plot hole regarding his relevance to Aquarion when his past life was left unidentified. When this revelation was finally made explicit in Aquarion EVOL, it proved controversial among fans due to Pollon's own relative scarcity of character development.
  • In the episode "Black Mirror", when Apollo calls for Rena an image of a hound with wings howling is shown briefly. This is possible indication that Apollo was really Pollon the whole time in the original series.