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A chart of confirmed and speculated reincarnations.

The Aquarion franchise centers around the interactions between a number of characters who reincarnate every 12,000 years.


Apollonius was originally a Shadow Angel, but later reincarnated as General Fudou.


After her death, Celiane's soul split in two and was reincarnated in the bodies of her descendants, Sirius de Alisia and Silvia de Alisia. Silvia would later reincarnate as Mikono Suzushiro, but it is unknown what became of Sirius.


After his death aboard the Aquarion, Toma's shock at finding out Apollonius had not, in fact, been reincarnated in the Aquarion as he had believed caused his soul to split in two: love and hatred. His hatred became the Shadow Angel known as Mykage Towano, who would go on to harrass Neo-Deava. It is unknown what became of the other half of his soul.


Apolllonius's trusty companion who was in love with Celiane he made a wish to be reincarnated as a human to be with the woman he loved. He was reborn into Apollo and then into Amata and Kagura.


Scorpius was the third pilot of the Aquarion during the first war with Atlandia, and was personally responsible for Apollonius' death. 12,000 thousand years later, he reincarnated as Reika. It is unknown what became of his soul 12,000 years later.