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A pale, young girl who is wheelchair-bound, Rena is blind and has the hair color and sensitivity to light of an albino. She can can see people's auras and read the "Book of Holy Genesis"; the scriptures containing the history of the conflict that occurred between the Shadow Angels and humans 12,000 years ago. She holds several element powers, perhaps having the most in the series (dependent on Gen Fudou's & Zen Fudo's magician like abilities being considered one or many).


Rena is a young girl with white hair and yellow-green eyes. She wears a purple dress with white ruffles at its hems, long white socks, a purple choker, a purple headband, and black dress shoes. She is usually seen in a wheelchair.


The Element Users at DEAVA are intimidated by her stoic, mysterious presence, with the exception of Apollo. Rena's appearance and abilities, partnered with her mysterious and aloof personality, often causes others to confuse her for being a vampire.


  • Rena can "see" Prana.
  • She appears to have precognition and future visions
  • She can absorb and release Prana by biting and sucking blood from a person
  • She has abilities of floating and teleportation

Her abilities of piloting Aquarion are not enhanced versions of her normal abilities, but instead related to her "vampire" status. Rena was able to form a silver vampire cross used to stab the Shadow Angel's Mythical Beast (which had taken on her appearance as a vampire to reflect the other Elements fears), though this was only possible with Apollo co-piloting with her and donating his blood as a Prana source.


  • She has stated that during a full moon, she looses control a bit, which causes her to want to drink blood more (seen in the plot as her drinking blood from Jun and Tsugumi's open wounds).
  • The song that she sings is called "Rena To Tanpopo"
  • It is hinted that Crea Dolosera is her reincarnation.