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A tan-skinned female Element User. She is partnered with Cayenne Suzushiro and Shrade Elan in the Emotion Test conducted by Neo-DEAVA on Neo-Kowloon. Like her fellow female students, she admires both Cayenne and Shrade, resulting in her being electrocuted by the device used in the Test. This implies that her attraction may be a desire towards seeing them attracted to one another. 


She appears to have an average height, with tanned-skin. She has brown eyes and green hair which is decorated with something alike hairpin. It has round shape and yellow-red colored.

In the anime, especially in episode 17, she appears to be not as much popular with boys (unlike her friends which most of the boys take an interest of) due to having small breasts.


Sazanka is very bright and also very energetic, but not in a tomboyish way. She always goofs around. She seems to be into in Boys Love very much, which can be seen in lots of episodes.

She loves to take pictures of the other Element Users, whilst strangely, in a different place at the same time. When she develops her pictures, she sells them to the other Elements.

She appears to be immature, such as in episode 17. She takes interest in the scenery so much that Cayanne must warn her not to lose their aim. She is also innocent while despite having lots of wild thought about Boys Love situations. She also appears to have an "evil-streak" as seen in episode 16 when she laughed manically when using her powers against Amata, Mikano and Zessica's Aquarion during a training dual. Sazanka always excited when she has to Union with Cayenne and Shrade. but because of Shrade's illness, The one who gets to union with her and Cayanne is Malloy.


Sazanka Power

Sazanka using her Element power.

  • Humicane from Rotten Girl (腐食力, fushokuryoku). She can make any object rot away. The name is a joking reference to her interest in yaoi as fujoshi can be literally translated as a rotten girl.


  • In one episode she becomes so excited that Shrade and Cayenne are going to sit together possibly hinting that she's a Fujoshi and is into BL or Boys Love, she also takes pictures of her teammates in her spare time. 
  • She has a business of selling pictures of her classmates to each other, strangely being noted as impossible to have taken shots of, due to being in another location when it happened.