Kanji スコルピオス
Romanji Skorpios
Alias Mage
Gender Male
Eyes Gray
Hair Navy
Personal Status
Race Human
Relatives Domaine Villiers (father) (OVA only) (mentioned only)

Reika (reincarnation)

Professional Status
Affiliation Alician Empire
Occupation Prince/Pilot
Previous Partner Celiane
Base of Operations Shangri-La
First Appearance
Anime Debut "Aquarion: Wings of Beytral"/"Aquarion: Wings of Glory"
Japanese Voice Mitsuki Saiga
Scorpius is the past incarnation of Reika. It is shown in the OVA of Aquarion, that it was not only Toma 's power that got the best of Scorpius, but it influenced Reika to stab Apollo, which Silvia got blamed for. 

He is the son of the Archduke Riel who governs the city of Shangri-La, which was the last human stronghold. He was instrumental in order to welcome the Apollonius to mankind's side.

After being controlled by Toma, (which was done by Toma exploiting Scorpius' desire for the wings of a Shadow Angel), he killed Apollonius by stabbing him.


  • Apollonius Celiane Scorius
    He is the third pilot of Aquarion, who was never seen due to being removed from the Book of Holy Genesis.
    • Gen Fudou was accused of being the mysterious third pilot of Aquarion by Sophia.
  • There is a picture of Scorpius in episode 23: Mythical Melody of Aquarion EVOL, when they are revealing the past.
  • The original author of the series has said that Reika is Scorpius' reincarnation in the TV anime, but it was never explicitly stated because Scorpius isn't in the Book of Holy Genesis (due to his page being erased, meaning that only Gen Fudou knew).