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Shadow Aquarion

The Legendary Aquarion (神話型アクエリオン Shinwakei Akuerion?) is the original Solar Aquarion which was buried into the earth's crust to prevent its ruin after the Tree of Life's collapse 12,000 years before. Since then, it replaced the Tree, maintaining the world's balance. When the Legendary Aquarion is unearthed and taken to Altair, the balance was broken and several natural disasters start occurring throughout Vega. Its only attack so far is the Genesis Mugen Attack (創聖無限拳 Mugen Panchi?).

  • Ancient AQ: By using the life force of Altair, Mikage transforms it into his own variation, the Ancient AQ in his effort to destroy Vega and Altair, creating another world with him as its god.
  • Infinite Palm of Buddha: Ancient AQ creates uncountable Mugen Attacks, with the punches reaching the targets before being even deployed, reversing the laws of causality.