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Shila is a rather unique Shadow Angel due to the fact that he possesses two separate bodies. The only animal-like Shadow Angel aside from Pollon seen in the series, Shila's appearance is that of a Greek Sphinx. He acts as Futaba's caretaker.


One of Shila's bodies is blue with a dark blue mane and red mark on his forehead, and the other a pink colored body, a pink face and a red mane with a blue mark on his forehead.


He is very wise and it seems that he would often recommend Futaba, who, however, never listens to his advice. Unfortunately Futaba disregarded Shila's advice and and wisdom and instead was captured by DEAVA and later killed during the New United Nations science experiment on him. When Futaba died, Shila seemed to be in utter shock and horror after sensing that Futaba had died in pain.