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The most popular and the top student of the Neo-DEAVA academy, Shrade was never sent out in Aquarias due to his poor health. His element power uses the medium of sound to control the emotions of others.

It is stated by Donar Dantes that among the students, Shrade possesses the strongest raw Elemental Power. Donar mentions that this is offset by Shrade's inherent frailty, which causes the physical strain of piloting Aquarion to easily damage his body and draining his lifeforce. This is later shown when he loses consciousness and becomes pale after the battle with Kagura Demuri at Neo-Kowloon. He is the first person to use Vector Y as the head, resulting in Aquarion Sparda.

Shrade's lifeforce is eventually fully consumed when he pilots the Aquarion Spada in Union for the last time with Amata and Zessica while they are in inter-dimensional space during Episode 23.


Shrade Elan has short blonde hair and blue eyes, with a tall and slender build. He wears glasses, blue jeans with a cross/Coat-of-arms belt buckle, and wears a button-down white shirt which is usually half-open.


He is cool, calm and collected and before his introduction to Neo-DEAVA, a mildly sadistic personality which turns into more of a tendency to tease. He is normally cooped up in his private dorm, playing the piano, obsessed with finding and performing the perfect song, one which can resonate with the world.


Though frail, Shrade was a musical prodigy as a child. His Element power was, at first, uncontrolled and his piano playing aroused extreme negative emotions within those listening, unintentionally causing his parents to kill each other. After his induction into Neo-DEAVA by Crea Dolosera, Shrade began to learn to control his abilities, becoming considered the single strongest Element in Neo-DEAVA.

Young Shrade

Shrade as a kid.


Shrade Elan has the Element power of manipulating his opponent's emotions through an instrument. The instrument that he usually uses is the piano in his dorm. After the Trial of the Grave, Shrade is able to use an ethereal violin drawing music from what he claims to be the wind and the earth. Shrade's abilities are amplified by Aquarion Sparda to unparalleled levels. Whether it is by Shrade's musical attunement, element powers, or both, he is able to identify people or places by their 'Sound'. It is hinted that playing off of these chords is how he puts his element power to use.

While his body is frail, his Elemental Power is on the contrary very robust, as shown in him being able to pilot Aquarion Sparda in a fast, energetic and graceful yet lethal manner that would be conventionally thought to be wasteful in terms of energy use. Furthermore, the focus needed to pilot in such manner would be so great that it would put a massive strain on the pilot's mental abilities, yet only enjoyment and excitement is seen in Shrade while he pilots Aquarion Sparda in his way.


Cayenne Suzushiro[]

He considers Cayenne Suzushiro a friend, probably his closest at Neo-DEAVA, despite Cayenne himself despising Shrade and never thought of himself as Shrade's friend. Their seats are next to each other in class and they were partnered with another student, Sazanka Bianca, in the Emotion Test conducted by Neo-DEAVA in Neo-Kowloon. Initially, Cayenne is dismissive whenever Shrade addresses him as 'my friend', but as the series progresses, the two gradually grow closer, eventually leading to a 'risky' Union in Episode 21.

Crea Dolosera[]

Crea is the one who initially invites Shrade into joining Neo Deava. They are shown to be somewhat close, due to her being able to sense and show remorse over his death and her request to Shrade that he allow her to listen to his finished music score.


  • Though it is hinted to be deeper, the relationship between Cayenne and Shrade appears to go no farther than close friends.
  • Regardless, Bianca would often imagine Cayenne and Shrade to be a gay couple. Whether this would eventually be true remains unknown, as Shrade died when Cayenne started to think better of his friend.
  • The nickmames "Sparda" comes from the Italian word "Sword".
  • Shrade, alongside Jin, can survive their canon deaths in Super Robot Wars ZIII: Jigoku-Hen by meeting the requirements of the secret 'Defy Destiny' route. Despite their survival in that route, they are not available in the sequel game Super Robot Wars ZIII: Tengoku-Hen.
  • When Kagura meets Shrade for the first time, he says that Shrade has the same stench as Mikono. Mikono is the reincarnation of Silvia, and Silvia was a reincarnated part of Celiane. The other part of Celiane's soul was Silvia's brother, Sirius. Kagura's remark could mean that Shrade is the reincarnation of Sirius; also, his passion for beautiful music is similar to Sirius's obsession with beautiful and graceful things.