Kanji シュシュ
Romanji Shushu
Gender Unknown
Eyes Blue
Unusual Features Looks like a rabbit
Personal Status
Race Cat
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Neo-Deava
Occupation pet
Partner Mikono
Base of Operations Mikono's hair
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion Evol Episode 1-2
Japanese Voice Kiyono Yasuno
English Voice Monica Rial

Mikono's pet cat, who is usually hidden into her hair dubbing as a ribbon. It has a tendency of attacking anyone who gets too close to her, specially Amata. So far the only ones it does not get angry at are Mikono herself, and for some reason Kagura.


  • In episode 18, it is strongly suggested that Shushu is a female, due to how it acted girly, with blush marks, when Mix asked Mikono what gender Shushu was.
  • In the drama CDs, it is explained that Shushu eats split ends of hair. This is possibly the reason why it is on Mikono's head often.
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