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Silvia is one of the main characters; she is a noble from the Alisia family and the reincarnation of Apollonius' human lover Celiane. Silvia possesses great physical strength and admiration for her older brother Sirius, whom she believes he is the real reincarnation of "Solar Wing". She constantly argues with Apollo, not only because she thinks he is an impostor, but because of his rude habits and untamed nature.

For much of the series, Silvia hangs off her brother and attempts to sabotage his relationships. As the story progresses, it is revealed she carries the "light" half of Celiane's reincarnated soul. It is this part of Celiane that Silvia feels affectionate for Apollo. She bids farewell to him as he decides to save the world through self-sacrifice, promising to look after his homeless friends and await his return 12,000 years later.


Silvia has blonde hair and blue eyes, much like her previous incarnation, Celiane. However, her hair is longer and she keeps them tied back in loops. She wears a pink and white sleeveless top and a wrist guard with a pink stone on her left wrist, just like her brother Sirius. She wears a matching pair of white shorts and matching pink boots and white. When in a Vector or piloting Aquarion, she wears a pink body suit with a different wrist guard on her left wrist. Behind her wrist guard is her wing, which has bright red feathers spouting out of her wrist. Her brother also has a wing behind his wrist guard.


Silvia is shown to be rather short tempered, just like her past life, Celiane was. She often argues with Apollo, and at first, she detested him for his beastly nature. She is fiercely protective of her older brother Sirius and tries to sabotage his relationship with Reika, whom she hates because she "brings bad luck to the people around" her. She can act rather spoiled and childish, perhaps because she is an Alician princess. However, it is shown that she can also be quite caring to the people around her. Eventually, she falls in love with Apollo.


Not much is known about Silvia, besides that her parents are deceased (though it is unknown how they came to pass) and that she grew up with her older brother Sirius, whom she adores dearly. It can be presumed that she is rich, as the Alician family has donated many things to DEAVA for research, and in a photo of a younger version of her and Sirius, the two seemed to have grown up in a manor.


As an Element, she possesses psychokinesis, which ability allows her to move objects and people with her mind. As a human-Shadow angel hybrid she has many powers. She used her wings to fly, generated a force field out of energy, and astral projected.

Sirius de Alisia

Silvia admires her older brother greatly, practically hanging off his every word when the two converse. She believes Sirius to be the "real Solar Wing", insisting that it "can't be Apollo". She takes everything he says very seriously. It is shown in later episodes that Sirius is half of Celiane's soul rather than Appollonius' reincarnation.



Apollo and Silvia kiss

Apollo and Silvia kiss.

At first, Silvia hated Apollo and argued with him often. She often would mock him, for example when Apollo didn't know the meaning of 'kinship'. It is shown later though that Silvia does in fact care for him, and eventually the two fall in love. However, like her previous incarnation, Celiane, the two were star-crossed lovers, and their love was cut short when Apollo sacrificed himself to save the world. It is unknown what happens to Silvia afterwards,however, it is shown that she kept her promise of looking after Apollo's orphaned friend's Chibiko, Hanatare, Megane, and Maji when they are released from the Mythical Beast after the destruction of the Tree of Life.

Pierre Vieira

In the first episode of the anime, Memories of Heavenly Wings, the duo were sent on a mission to find Solar Wing. Pierre teasingly calls her "Princess", which Silvia doesn't like because she thinks that he is being "flirty with [her] like the other girls". She demands that he when he is with her, that "it's strictly professional. Pierre doubts that Sirius' past life is Appollonius because he "can't remember any details about his past life". Silvia then replies that "The problem isn't that he can't remember anything, it's that he doesn't want to. All of those terrible memories of war, it must have been too much for him to bear. So he sealed them away in the depths of his subconscious." Overall, the two seem to be friends. However, when Pierre fights with Sirius, Silvia is always on her brother's side, cheering him on.


Silvia dislikes Reika immensely, due to the fact that "bad things [seem to] happen around her". She doesn't like it when she tries to get close to her brother Sirius, and when she does, Silvia attempts to thwart Reika's efforts. She claims that Reika is "bad luck" and that "everyone around her winds up either hurt or dead", which Reika meekly accepts, agreeing with Silvia. In the OVA, Reika is the reincarnations of Scorpius, the prince who killed Appollonius because he desired the power of the Shadow Angel so that he could benefit his people. However, the page about Scorpius was erased from the Book of Holy Genesis.


Both Celiane and Silvia can never forgive Toma for what he has done; however, she still accepts him in The Day the World Began, causing the darkness to disappear from Toma's heart and subsequently, the formation of the Legendary Aquarion.



  • In episode 3, Element School, when Silvia and Apollo were in the vector simulator, the red domain of the two spirit sectors of their aura dynamics were perfectly aligned, while everything else was in disarray.
    • The red domain corresponds to passion, the first chakra.
  • Silvia and Apollo had their first kiss in episode 3, although was an accident.