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Silvia's older brother; he is passionate about the concepts of aesthetics and perfection.


Sirius has long blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a white dress shirt, a white jacket, white dress pants, and white shoes. On his right wrist, he wears a wrist guard with a blue stone in it that matches Silvia's, and behind it is a wing with red feathers. While in a Vector or piloting Aquarion, he wears a deep blue body suit with gray wrist guards.


A skilled swordsman, many DEAVA members, including himself, believe he is the true reincarnation of Solar Wing , thus Sirius despises Apollo when he enters the organization. Despite his love for his sister, Sirius is often annoyed due to her unrelenting adoration of him, as she jealously tries to sabotage his potential relationships with other females in DEAVA, namely Reika.

In the Anime

As it becomes more clear Apollo is Apollonius reincarnated, Sirius' jealousy and hate begin to consume his mind, eventually provoking him to take drastic measures. He attempts to stop Silvia from helping Apollo, and subsequently finds out he is also the reincarnation of Celiane -- but the "dark" side of her soul. To that end, he allies with the Shadow Angels, but when the Tree of Life withers and dies, Sirius redeems himself, along with Toma and Apollo, by providing his life to restore the world.

In the OVA, Sirius is dead before it started. He was believed to be the reincarnation of "Solar Wing" like the anime series but was unable to remember anything of his past life before he died.


Not much is known about Sirius, besides that his parents are deceased (though it is unknown how they came to pass) and that he grew up with his younger sister Silvia, whom he adores dearly. It can be presumed that he is rich, as the Alician family has donated many things to DEAVA for research, and in a photo of a younger version of him and Silvia, the two seemed to have grown up in a manor


His Element powers were the least depicted on the series. His Element powers allowed him to project psychic energies in the form of sword extensions or arrows. He also has some form of clairvoyance, allowing him to scan an area with his mind.

Silvia de Alisia

Sirius can be seen as a loving older brother to Silvia, however he isn't afraid to reprimand her when she goes out of line of his standards. He can often be seen giving her advice.


Apollo is Sirius' rival throughout the anime. The two are often seen competing against each other. However, whenever Sirius is thinking about how he is the real Solar Wing, he is engulfed in hatred of Apollo, allowing Toma to eventually use him.


The two were chosen as the top Elements for Aquarion, as well as Glen Anderson. It can be assumed that the two had romantic feelings for each other. When Reika saw his wing, she flinched backwards away from Sirius, which seemingly hurt him deeply.


Sirius and Toma were originally enemies, however Toma was able to exploit Sirius' desire of being Solar Wing. He left DEAVA in episode 21: Crimson Path to ally with the Shadow Angels. Eventually, Toma revealed that he had in fact used Sirius,and that he was not Solar Wing, but the "dark" half of Celiane's soul that did not want to remember her past. He then rejoins with DEAVA and along with Apollo and Toma, they save the world after the Tree of Life collapses.


  • He is occasionally seen with a rapier, and can project said sword as Aquarion Mars.