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Solar Aquarion (ソーラーアクエリオン, Sōrā Akuerion) is the first Aquarion form featured in Genesis of Aquarion. Its main pilot is Apollo.


This form is composed of Vector Sol as the head, Vector Luna as the back, and Vector Mars as the legs. This is the most balanced of the three basic forms being Aquarion's true form, being specialized in melee combat.

In the events of Aquation EVOL, the Solar Aquarion shows the ability to transform into a beast-like form during its fight with Aquarion EVOL.

For Solar Aquarion's derivative forms, see Aquarion Other Forms



  • Beam Cannon (ビーム砲 | Beam-Hou)

Common equipment of all 3 Aquarion forms, 2 beam cannons are mounted on the nosecone sections of each Vector Machine. With Solar Aquarion, the Beam Cannons are mounted on the shoulders.

  • Mugen Punch (無限拳(無限パンチ) | Infinite Punch)

Solar Aquarion, as well as Apollo's signature move. Apollo, attempting to reach beyond the Moon, developed this attack, and successfully blasted the evasive Cherubim Lune all the way up to the Moon's surface. Though ludicrous in nature, after its debut episode, most of the time the attack ended up lacking in speed or power to defeat the Shadow Angels' newer mecha.

  • Mugen Cross (無限交差拳(無限クロス) | Infinite Cross)
Apollo and Sirius combined their elemental power into their fist, as Aquarion crosses its arms and unleashes the Mugen Punch on both sides. It was used to destroy the 2 halves of Moroha's Cherubim Iskuron. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 無限交差拳 (Mugen Kousa Ken | Infinite Crossing Fist) and also translated as Mugen Cross.
  • Mugen Binta (無限𠮟責拳(無限びんた) | Infinite Slap)
A variation of the Mugen Punch, used by Apollo to literally slap the Shadow Angel Futaba out of the Cherubim Soldier he is controlling and into the Kagome Capturing System laid out on the skies, therefore successfully capturing the Angel. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 無限𠮟責拳 (Mugen Shisseki Ken | Infinite Scolding Fist) and also translated as Mugen Binta.
  • Mugen Gattai Ken (無限合體拳 | Infinite Combination Fist)
Aquarion's ultimate and final move in the show. Aquarion's pilots, Apollo, Sirius and Toma, combining their passionate feelings of wanting to protect the Earth, unleashed this last technique. Aquarion's arms strech out to immeasurable lengthes, stiching up the cracks on Earth's surface caused by the withering of the Tree of Life, while numerous roots made from energy branch out from Aquarion's wings and legs, spreading across the entirety of Earth and pulling it back together, thus saving the planet. However, Aquarion itself gets buried underground in the process, along with its pilots, and would remain dormant there for another 12,000 years, until the events of Aquarion EVOL. In the anime, it is translated as We Are The Universe, along with the subtitle Love ♡ Fusion.
  • Ippatsu Gyakuten Punch (壱発逆転拳(壱発逆転パンチ) | One-Shot Reversal Punch)
The titular attack featured in the Ippatsu Gyakuten-Hen segment of the Aquarion movie. As the Aquarion pilots (Apollo, Silvia & Reika) sing the Song of Genesis from 12,000 years ago, Solar Aquarion's body is repaired from the damage it suffered in battle through the power of their singing, followed by its fist enlarging to enormous size (estimated to be nearly 150 meters in height). Lengthening its arm as seen with the Mugen Punch, Solar Aquarion proceeds to smash the opponent to bits with the humongous fist. After finishing the attack, Aquarion raises its fist to the sky, as a beautiful large flower blooms on the enlarged fist, coupled with leaves growing on the below forearm segments.
(The Song of Genesis that Apollonius and Toma used to sing together 12,000 years ago, which powered this attack, is in fact the first opening theme to the Aquarion TV series, Sousei no Aquarion.)
  • Chikyuu Fukkatsu Ken (地球復活拳 | Earth Revival Fist)
A move used by Solar Aquarion in the Aquarion OVA world preceding the TV series. Attempting to reverse the crystallization and freezing of Earth resulting from the immense resonation between Apollo and Silvia, the 3 Aquarion pilots (Apollo, Silvia and Reika) combined their powers to unleash this technique in hopes of reviving the devastated Earth. The technique takes form of a Mugen Punch extending from Aquarion. The fist, however, crashed through Toma's Cherubim Soldier and destroyed it, the resulting explosion blasting Aquarion's arm into numerous separated segments and rendering the move useless. Fortunately, the Aquarion pilots quickly followed up with a new technique: Chikyuu Sousei Punch. In the OVA, the move was translated as The Earth Revival Attack.
  • Chikyuu Sousei Punch (創星拳(地球創星パンチ) | Earth Star-Beginning Punch)
A move which followed right after the failed Chikyuu Fukkatsu Ken. With the 3 Aquarion pilots giving one last push, each of Aquarion's separated arm segments sprouted a fist and realigned themselves into proper forearms, before beginning to circle around the Earth, reforming the planet in the process. The attack eventually gave birth to the world of the Aquarion TV series. The "Sousei" in the attack's name, while meaning "Star-Beginning", could also be a pun on "Sousei" as in "Genesis" (創世), a recurring word in the Aquarion TV series. In the OVA, the attack was written in kanji as 創星拳 (Souseiken | Star-Beginning Fist) and translated as Genesis of Aquarion, a nod to the TV series.
  • Fire Punch (ファイヤーパンチ)

Combining Apollo's aura with Pierre's Flame Element, Solar Aquarion delivers a flaming punch.

  • Fire Fist (ファイヤーフィスト)

Combining Apollo, Silvia and Pierre's aura, Solar Aquarion unleashes a scattering flame burst from its hand.

  • Fire Kick (ファイヤーキック)

Used by Pierre on a rare occasion where he got to be the pilot of Solar Aquarion, in the Ippatsu Gyakuten-Hen OVA. Solar Aquarion gathers energy at the talus before delivering a powerful kick.

  • Kouei Gouichi Ken (光影合一拳 | Light-Shadow Unification Fist)

Silvia, who had finally recognized her feelings for Apollo, unified with Apollo, allowing Aquarion to defeat the Cherubim Soldier hiding in the shadows with a punch of light.

  • Taiyouken (太陽剣 | Solar Sword)

A golden broadsword that Solar Aquarion can use. It had initially always been seen equipped by Aquarion when fighting the Shadow Angels 12,000 years ago, but in modern times only unveiled through the combined power of Apollo, Sirius and Reika during their final showdown with the Shadow Angels (though, in the prequel OVA, Apollo can summon the Taiyouken with ease). In Super Robot Wars, Silvia takes Reika's place when activating the weapon instead. The Taiyouken's effectiveness in combat can be raised when utilized along with the Mugen Punch, allowing for a versatile combat style.

Game-Original Attacks[]

  • Solar Punch (ソーラー拳(ソーラーパンチ))

Solar Aquarion assaults the enemy with an uppercut, then a jab. First seen in Super Robot Wars Z.

  • Fold Mugen Attack (超時空無限拳(フォールド無限アタック) | Fold Infinite Attack)

Seen in Another Century's Episode: R. Solar Aquarion unleashed a powerful Mugen Punch in order to drive off Toma and his Cherubim Soldier, while also breaching through the Fold Fault barrier and striking down the Cherubims pursuing the Skull Squadron (Macross Frontier). The extended arm reached all the way to the end of Fault, leading the way for the Skull Squadron.

The following appears in the PS2 game.

  • Fire Mugen Attack (ファイヤー無限拳)
  • Grand Compression (グランド・コンプレッション)
  • Desparant la Rose (デスペラント・ラ・ローズ)
  • Rising Thunder (Solar version) (昇竜天雷ver.ソーラー)
  • Passionate Brazillian Dance (情熱のブラジリアン・ダンス)
  • Great Shrine (大照耀)
  • Clashing Heart Breaker (激突ハートブレイカー)

Special Features[]

  • Element System (エレメントシステム): The synchrolink system in which the Aquarion incorporates the amplified pilots' elements into its systems. Officially named in the SRW franchise.
  • Solar Wings (ソーラーウィング, Sōrā Wingu): It can manifest wings of sunlight on its back. Gives the unit to increase its battle performance and power by ten and give it incredible strength. Only when Apollo is the pilot should the element be activated.


  • Its other name is preferred by the other pilots as Aquarion Sol (アクエリオンソル).