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Solar Wing (太陽の翼 taiyō no tsubasa, lit. "wings of the sun") is an alias of Apollonius. While DEAVA used it to refer to the reincarnation of Apollonius, who was at the time thought to be either Sirius de Alisia or Apollo, the Shadow Angels used it to refer to the Aquarion itself. According to them, the purpose of the Mechanical Angel is to pollinate the Tree of Life in order to rejuvenate the world and produce the next generation of Shadow Angels.

This ability is demonstrated in episode 17 of Genesis of Aquarion, where Shiruha explained the "digested" remains of Aquarion fertilized new life in the earth (allowing Aquarion to rejuvenate itself).

Wing Sign

The reincarnation of Apollonius is said to possess a "wing sign" (背中の翼 senaka no tsubasa, lit. "winged back") that marks him for who he is. The sign manifests as a pair of phantom wings or scaring that suggests such, visible only when the user is in alignment with the sun or experiencing a powerful emotional stimulus.

In the last episode of Genesis of Aquarion, it is revealed that those who manifest the wing sign are not actually reincarnations of Apollonius. Aquarion EVOL reveals all those who displayed the wing sign were instead reincarnations of Pollon. They display a unique connection to and intuitive control over the Aquarion.

Known Users

  • Apollonius -- The original Solar Wing, his soul was grafted to the Solar Aquarion after his death.
  • Apollo -- After he began manifesting phantom wings, for a long time it was believed that he was the reincarnation of Apollonius.
  • Amata Sora -- During an Abductor raid, Amata manifested the wing sign when he levitated and aligned with the sun. Because of this, he was able to call out the true name of the Aquarion, breaking the "guize stones" that prevented mixed-gender unions.
  • Kagura Demuri -- During his escape from Altair, he causes the Mithra Gnis to manifest a pair of glowing wings. Later on, this allows him to awaken the original Aquarion from its hibernation.