Sophia Belin
[[File:Sophia Belin|300px|]]
Kanji ソフィア・ブラン
Romanji Sofia Beran
Gender Female
Eyes Teal
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Personal Status
Race Human
Age 27
Professional Status
Affiliation DEAVA
Occupation Psychotherapist
Partner Gen Fudou
Previous Partner Jean-Jerome Jorge
Base of Operations DEAVA HQ
First Appearance
Anime Debut Memories of Heavenly Wings
Japanese Voice Sakiko Tamagawa
English Voice Stephanie Young

DEAVA's top scientist and researcher, she is very kind and less up-tight on the happenings around the organization. Sophia acts as the teacher in the Elements' mental training classes.


Sophia has blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair, which is cut into a bob. She wears a short black necklace with a silver bead in the middle on her neck above her collar bone. She wears a collared, salmon colored blouse with a teal skirt that is cut in the center with a black belt around it. She also wears a white, long lab coat, black leggings that cut off just before her ankles, and tan flats.


Sophia is very kind and understanding personality, as shown when she was listening to Apollo's past with Baron. She is seen comforting Silvia when she saw Apollo's past in her dreams, and is worried when the Elements get hurt in battle.

Gen Fudou

She is seen to have soft feelings for Commander Fudou during their personal tea ceremonies between the two. It is seen that Gen also has, or had, personal feelings for her as well.


  • She assumed that Gen was the "mysterious third pilot of Aquarion" because he knew so much, which he neither affirmed or denied.