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Dressed as a nun, she runs Neo-DEAVA's female academy. It is implied that just like Donar, she is a veteran Element User but her powers are never revealed. Also, it is hinted that by the end of the series, she is in a relationship with him/in love with him.


Suomi has a nun-like appearance wearing a habit with dark blue and white. She has a medium-long hair and wears glasses.


Suomi believes that the girls need to be pure to be able to use Aquaria's powers. Because of that she often would avoid teaching the girls about boys and focus only on girl related talks. When Amata came and United with a girl, she was against it along with Donar, but unlike him, her reasoning was that the girls remain pure and separated from the boys. As time went and she learned more about Aquarion and past events, she started to accept the boys-girls mixing up.


Suomi was in the female Neo-DEAVA academy teaching the young girls about the Abductors and how they came from a different dimension. She explained the different Aquaria Type-F and Type-M models and was trying to tell them that giving their purity to the Aquaria's was the best feeling, but one of the girls interrupted her saying the Union with boys was more intense than with girls. Suomi quickly scolded her for impure thoughts and explained that fortunately, the Guize Stone was protecting their purity, which makes the "impure" Unions impossible. Moments later Neo-DEAVA was attacked by Abductors and Suomi along with other people were summoned in their headquarters to take action and fight the Abductors.


Donar Dantes[]

Suomi liked spending some time with Donar, she was against boys and girls touch each other, but as time went she started to accept it and develop feelings for Donar. When Crea Dolosera told her that if things go for worst, she and Donar needs to survive to become the new Adam and Eve, she happily accepted it.