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The Great Catastrophe is an event that occurred eleven years before the start of Genesis of Aquarion. The Great Catastrophe is when the Earth's magnetic field shifted, devastating significant parts of the world and killing off two-thirds of its inhabitants. Along with the disaster came the return of the Shadow Angels who had been in slumber in their city of Atlandia for 12,000 years, since their battle with Apollonius

In Year 0 of the Holy Genesis Era, the fluctuation of Earth's magnetic field caused by the Great Catastrophe activated various dormant abilities within human genes. It became the foundation for an Element User's abilities. After the Great Catastrophe, a large amount of babies were born with Elemental powers. 


  • Apollo and Baron lived in an internment camp in Arc City because of the Great Catastrophe.
    • Internment Camp: A prison camp for the confinement of enemy aliens, prisoners of war, political prisoners, etc.
      • They were most likely sent there for stealing food, as they often starved.
  • It orphaned Apollo in the anime.
  • The Great Catastrophe did not occur in the OVA, and therefore Apollo had a living relative (an unnamed grandfather), who replaced Baron from the TV anime.
  • When the Earth's magnetic field shifted, the ice of the artics melted.