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A shy girl with a sad past, Tsugumi has the ability to explode objects from a distance when her heart rate reaches its maximum.


Tsugumi has brown eye color and brown hair. She wears glasses, just as Jun. Her armband and her shirt have the same style of orange/white colored streaks across them. 


A kind and caring person towards her friends, she is initially very shy and nervous when she first joins up with DEAVA being easily intimidated by the other members. It is through meeting Reika and Jun that she gradually opens up to others. She is shown to be intelligent and has a lot of knowledge about cars.

In the Anime[]

Always estranged from friends and family because of her power, Tsugumi still does not have full control, sometimes creating accidental explosions. This scenario changes when Tsugumi joins with DEAVA and finds an admiration in Reika, who encourages her throughout her time in the organization. In fact, Tsugumi expresses affection more for Reika than any other individual Element User. As she grew as a person through the support of her friends, Tsugumi said she doesn't regret anything that happened, when she broke the barrier open to Atlandia with her powers. By the end of the series, she was able to command her powers and put it to use.

At first, she is initially frightened by her element powers due to accidentally causing explosions when she was younger. She also couldn't control her powers due to being unable to restrain her emotions, but this gradually lessens over time.

Tsugumi also has the habit of showing more confidence in herself when battling the enemy whenever Jun or Reika are in battle with her. Furthermore, whenever she gets more confident, she is capable of showing the full extent of her powers for the sake of helping her fellow friends. In the episode "Heavens Gate", she forms Aquarion Angel and breaks open the gate to Atlandia with her powers.


Her element ability allows her to cause explosions when her heart rate starts soaring over a certain limit, and is primarily triggered by certain strong emotions such as anger, fear or love. Her ability also gets stronger or weaker depending on the strength of her emotions, which is seen when she blasts open the gate to Atlandia using the full force of her love.

Jun Lee[]

Having joined DEAVA at the same time, they share a certain bond and are rather close friends. In the episode "The First Merge," Jun helps Tsugumi get the confidence to ride in the Aquarion for the first time when he figures out, through his Mind Graph Ability, that it was her elemental power that caused the prior explosions as they were trying to beat the Shadow Angel.


Reika acts as Tsugumi's mentor when she first joins DEAVA and is assigned as her trainer when they first try out the simulator. Tsugumi admires her greatly and is not bothered by Reika's ability to cause bad luck.


  • In the episode, "The First Merge", a flashback is shown of her holding a red toy truck, with many people ignoring her, which she regrets because of her actions during childhood.