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Vector Diagram (1st Series)

The Vector Machines (ベクターマシン) are special transformable vehicles in the Aquarion Series, which are piloted by Element users in order to combine into Aquarion mechanics.


Genesis of Aquarion[]

Aquarion EVOL[]

The Vectors are vehicles used by Neo-DEAVA to retaliate against the Abductors. There are three different kinds of Vectors. It is an Element user piloted vehicle capable of combining into Aquarion. Though armed, the damage done by the Vectors are miniscule and are only used if needed or if the pilot is in a tight spot. In total, Neo-DEAVA is in possession of six different vectors, two of each type one for the boys and one for the girls, though in most sorties only one of them is used at a time.

Aquarion LOGOS[]