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Vector Sol (ベクターソル, Bekutā Soru) is one of the three legendary vectors that merge into the Legendary Aquarion (all three forms).


In the anime and OVA, the three Vectors originally belonged to the Shadow Angels 12,000 years ago, until Apollonius took them Vectors along with Celiane and Scorpius (or the mysterious third pilot that was never mentioned in the anime due to the page about Scorpius being erased from the Book of Holy Genesis).

In the anime, 12,000 years ago, the three of them used the Vectors to fight against the Shadow Angels, eventually being able to seal them.In the OVA, Apollo reactivated the three Vectors along with Reika and Silvia. It is mainly piloted by Apollo, and sometimes by Reika.


12,000 years after the Celestial Genesis Era, Gen Fudo excavated it from the underwater ruins in Crete followed by the other Vectors from their resting spots. Its unique feature is to amplify the pilot's "Qi (気)" and "Singularity (特異能力)" elements.



  • By etymology, the name "Sol" personifies with the word "sun", in reference to the vector's elemental properties and to why Apollo becomes its main pilot.

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