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Youka Drum is a minor character. She is a female Element User at Neo-DEAVA.


Youka is a young girl with medium long hair and blue eyes. She is usually wearing a long white-blue-red dress with a white hat.


Yuoka like most girls is excited when they had to start teaming up with boys.


Youka is one of the element user students at Neo-DEAVA, where they were trained by Suomi Konepi to be pure. But when the opportunity came for the girls to mix with the boys, she was really excited.

When Jin Muso came into the academy under the name Akbarjin Batbayar, most girls were interested in him and Aika and Youka went to speak with him. They wanted to show him around and the school, but as he was too focused on "observing" the academy and the students, Aika and Youka got creeped out and ran from him.

She spends most of the time in the headquarters as support and doesn't really pilot and fight.


Her element power abilities remained unknown and were not revealed.