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An enigmatic character who is the supreme commander of Neo-DEAVA and offers guidance to the elements to help them attain their full potential.


He has the appearance of a tall slender man with a long coat. He has long brown hair. He also has an eyepatch with a scar running down his right eye. He also wears a handkerchief around his neck. He wears long black pants with black boots. He wears a green sash around his waist. 


A true enigmatic character whose personality cannot easily be ascertained. Nearly always with a smile on his face and gives a lot of metaphors to assist the people in Neo-DEAVA to develop themselves. He is also quite outrageous sometimes such as when the wall separating the males and females collapse, he wrote a law stating love is forbidden.


Zen Fudo is, in fact, Gen Fudo from 12,000 years ago (Sousei No Aquarion), not the reincarnation but the same unmoved person and is actually Apollonius.


Magic tricks. A lot of magic tricks.

His right eye, which is covered by an eyepatch, apparently has the ability to trap someone within.

His core power as an Element is as his name suggests, immovability, even in the passage of time, thus effectively rendering him a true immortal.


Zen Fudo best relationship would be with Mikage, As mentioned in an episode, he and Mikage have been playing the game for so long.

Zen Fudo's other relationship would be with Neo-DEAVA chairwoman, Crea Dolosera.


  • Despite popular belief, he is not the reincarnation of Gen Fudo; he is the same Gen Fudo as 12,000 years ago, his body and soul apparently being 'immovable' in the flow of time; he only looks different due to personal choice. His last name also suggests that he is immovable in the flow of time, as 'fudou' (不動) means 'immovable'. This is reinforced in SRW Z3 Jigoku-hen as the character Kei Katsuragi from Super Dimension Century Orguss who is a singularity recognizes Zen Fudo as Gen Fudo and a character who wasn't effected by the memory manipulation.
  • In Episode 25 it is heavily implied by Mikage that he is in fact Apollonius.
    • In episode 26 this is fully confirmed.